Alpa­ka In­nova­­tion

Designing the products of tomorrow

Our vision
of a better future

We focus on the future – we are aiming to make it better, more effective and more sustainable. To do this, we develop and implement innovative products and special machines to optimize the processes of the future. This is our idea of Alpaka Innovation.

As an independent think tank, we can specialize in the realization of new innovations and create market-ready products for the Hahner Group. We use our experience and competence as a well-coordinated team of engineers for the development of special machines as well as for the improvement of other areas – in example for the bottleneck analysis of production plants and the safety consideration of complex production processes. Let us optimize your future together!

Customized according to customer requirements

Special Machinery

Do you need a special machine with special requirements that does not exist in this form yet? Then we can design it for you. But even if you do not yet have a precise idea and simply want to optimize your production, we can provide you with suggestions for a suitable special machine.

From the idea to the product

Product Development

We have enough ideas – but with us they do not just disappear in a drawer. We are developing them until they are ready for the market and implementing them in series production. Our goals is to improve the world of tomorrow with our ideas and innvative products.

Analyse your Production

Bottleneck analysis

You would like to increase your production, but somewhere in your manufacturing the processes come to a standstill? With a bottleneck analysis, we analyze your production processes, track the bottleneck and propose solutions for optimization.

Evaluation for CE

Machine Safety

We assist and consider your machine development from the very beginning and carry out the risk assessment according to the applicable Machinery Directive, inspect the machine for danger points and define safety features – so that the machine receives the required CE mark in the end.

Why an Alpaka?

We like alpakas, you like alpakas, everyone likes alpakas! And this is exactly the positive feeling we want to create in our customers. Besides, the alpaca wool is a real high-tech product from nature.

Warum gerade ein Alpaka?

Wir mögen Alpakas, Sie mögen Alpakas, jeder mag Alpakas! Und genau dieses positive Gefühl wollen wir bei unseren Kunden erzeugen. Außerdem ist die Alpakawolle ein echtes Hightech-Produkt aus der Natur.

Who is behind the Alpaka?

Your contact person

Our team of engineers has been developing and designing machines and production systems together for over ten years – since 2021 as an independent think tank of Hahner Group. We design the innovative products and special machines of tomorrow and actively create our future.

Bernhard Hahner

General Manager

Torben Radtke

ppa. Head of Operations

Frank Hartmann

ppa. Head of Operations

We develop the products of tomorrow! Are you with us?

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Job offers

We are a young innovative company working in the field of special machinery and product development.


ALPAKA partner

We are pleased to welcome the companies listed below as partners in our ALPAKA company. Through competent and sustainable cooperation we will solve innovative/exciting projects together. Together we will optimize the future.