Bottleneck analysis

Analyze your production

Where is the bottleneck?

If the output of you production is not right, if there are frequent delays in production or you would like to increase your production output, then a bottleneck in your production flow could be the problem. In this case the bottleneck prevents the smooth flow of production and brings the processes to a standstill.

In a bottleneck analysis, we take a closer look at your production to find out where processes are being interrupted. After the analysis we workout solutions to eliminate the bottleneck to optimize your processes and increase your production.

Experience from series production

Optimization proposals

Process flows are our specialty, as we not only develop special machines and products, we are also the developing the production equipment and manufacturing processes required for them. We take over the entire process management around our products and deliver turnkey production to our customers.

Therefore, process optimization and bottleneck analysis are fixed components of our service portfolio, which we are also happy to offer separately. Thanks to our many years of experience with process flows, material flows and automated production in the automotive industry, we have a trained eye for identifying bottlenecks in processes and immediately offering a solution for them that we can also implement ourselves.


No clue where is the problem? Our Alpaka with a nose for bottlenecks will find out!