Machine Safety

Evaluation for CE

Fit for certification?

At Alpaka Innovation, we develop and design special machines and innovative products, so we are familiar with the requirements and pitfalls of CE marking. Every machine from our company is accompanied by a machine safety expert from the very beginning. Together with our partner, we also evaluate the electrical components according to the applicable standards and directives, so that the machines from Alpaka are completely safe and CE certified.

We also support you with your machine development.
In a risk assessment for machine safety, we first examine your machine for possible danger points. In doing so, we comply with the applicable safety requirements of the CE directives. If everything fine, we issue a declaration of conformity for the machine and it receives the CE marking. Otherwise, we document the danger points and define safety measures for retrofitting, which we are also happy to implement with our team in the area of special machine construction – so that the machine ultimately receives its necessary CE mark and is fit for the future.

Retrofit instead of shutting down

CE in the interaction of Retrofit

Invest sustainably and efficiently in the future.
Upgrade your existing machinery with a safety upgrade.

In the case of machine modifications or a retrofit measure, we provide you with safety-related support. We define safety measures based on the performed risk analysis and implement them directly.
No matter if it is a new development, a modification or a retrofit – in the end every machine has to be safe according to the machine directive and CE certified!

For us, the risk analysis does not stop after the evaluation of the hazards, but just starts with the definition of safety measures. As engineers and machine builders, we provide concrete solution proposals and work on rule-compliant conversions.

Upgrade your machines!

Are your machines still safe? Alpaka Innovation finds out and retrofits!