About us

Who is behind Alpaka

Engineering team from Petersberg/Böckels

Behind the Alpaka as the heraldic animal is an eleven-strong team of engineers who have already been jointly developing and designing machines and production systems for over ten years. In 2021, Bernhard Hahner brought us as a team for the newly founded company Alpaka Innovation to the corporate headquarters of HAHNER Technik in Petersberg/Böckels, where we drive special machine construction and product development as an independent research department.

Our motivation

Machines are our passion

Designing special machines and developing innovative products is not a job for us, but a passion. Our profession is also our vocation – because we love what we do and are also good at it. Commitment is our core business: Our customers can rely on us in any situation and we will always find a solution – no matter what the problem.

seven words which describe ourselves

Wordcloud Description – Alpaka Innovation

Wool and machines

Why an Alpaca?

Everyone likes alpacas – or have you ever met someone who doesn’t immediately take these fluffy longnecks with the stylish hairstyles to heart? As herd animals, alpacas are extremely social and peaceful, so they are even used in animal-assisted therapies. At the same time, they are very adaptable and fascinating all-rounders that can be found in over twenty colors and in almost all climatic zones. With our work, we want to create this positive feeling in our customers that we associate with the sight of an alpaca – that is why it is our heraldic animal.

Alpaca wool – a real high-tech product of nature

Alpacas were bred by the Incas over 6,000 years ago to benefit from the unique alpaca wool:

  • The wool fibers are the second strongest in the animal kingdom (after the Angora goat)
  • It contains hardly any fat, making it suitable even for allergy sufferers
  • Hardly any fat means hardly any bacteria, so it smells like fresh popcorn
  • Wool can withstand high temperatures like no other fiber
  • It has a thermoregulating effect and balances the body temperature of the wearer

Alpaca wool is flame retardant and water resistant.

Part of HAHNER-Family

A strong group behind us

not beating around the bush

You want to get started right away? We have already saddled the alpacas and are ready!