Product development

From the idea to the product

Innovations for the world of tomorrow

Almost everyone has them in their drawer: ideas for new products – we call them alpakas. Whether special machines, helpful tools, technical constructions or clever helpers for the household. As long as the product can solve problems or optimize processes, we take a closer look at it.

With us, these ideas do not remain in the drawer, but we develop innovative and market-ready products from them. Because we don’t just have ideas, we want to make the technical world of tomorrow better with our products.

up to series production

From product to market

There are many ideas. Turning these ideas into products – that’s only possible with an experienced team of engineers and visionaries. But to develop these products from prototypes to market readiness and thus to go into series production – that is only possible with Alpaka Innovation.

We already think about the subsequent production processes during the initial design and develop not only the product ready for series production, but also the associated production facilities. From the initial concept to technical implementation and market readiness to the commissioning of the robots – we develop innovations from the idea to the finished product.

Get your ideas out of the drawer!

No time to bring forward your new ideas? Then this is a job for Alpaka Innovation!